What are the benefits of becoming a client partner?

Value for money

  • It's cheaper than sending single campaigns

Unlock access to exclusive features

  • Leverage the power of automation
  • Integrate with clever apps including Zapier and Salesforce
  • Get access to our API documentation to plug into your CRM system

Speedy turnaround

  • Frequent campaigns are surprisingly nimble in response to events in the customer journey.
  • Once set up turnaround time is cut down from 10 working days to just 72 hours.
  • Set up campaigns based on triggers such as making a first purchase.
  • This feature allows you to follow up in a personal, timely and scalable way.

The most flexibility

  • Pay a monthly fixed cost for credits to use across any campaigns
  • And…if you don’t use all your credits, simply roll them over into the next month!
  • Theres no minimum order quantity per campaign. Send just 1 at a time if you want to.
  • You can send both single and the frequent campaigns.

Team collaboration

  • Credits make things easier for teams.
  • Add team members to your account to collaborate on campaigns or to create multiple campaigns running simultaneously.
  • Anyone added to the account can spend the credits you have loaded on the account, giving you full control over the budget and how many credits are available to spend.

Your Success

  • Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you set your campaigns live & ensure you get the most impact from every campaign you send.