First off, sign up and create an account for free and then the follow stages below reflecting the campaign creation flow on the platform. 


  1. Choose between Frequent & Single campaigns. If you want to send your message on a daily weekly or monthly basis select 'Frequent' to create a frequent campaign billed on a monthly subscription model. If you want to send messages on an adhoc basis select 'Single.'
  2. Select post date. It takes us and our wonderful scribes of writers 7 working days to turnaround a campaign and pop your handwritten letters in the post. They’ll be sent first class, so please allow 1-3 working days for Royal Mail to deliver them to your recipients on top of our seven-working-day window.


  1. Download our Golden Template (also known as a spreadsheet) and pull in the recipient data. Important note: mandatory fields are columns B,C & F. 
  2. To reach impressive levels of personalisation; add additional data to be pulled into the message copy into columns Attribute A + B (eg. Promo codes, specific names of items bought by customer, dates etc.) 
  3. Make sure you then save the template in a CSV format & 'Bulk Upload' to the platform.



  1. Choose stationery size: A6 (great for anything postcard size,) A5 (great for anything needing a tad more detail than a postcard,) A4 (great for anything that involves a lot of detail.)
  2. Upload logo or artwork: Make your stationery your own by branding your letters and notes with a high-res logo in the size and position you wish. Your customers will recognise the company behind the thoughtfulness the moment they open the envelope.
  3. Insert footer: In the footer, insert any text you like, in the font and colour you wish. Some use the footer for contact information or a tagline, some like to get creative and use this as a time to set a call-to-action.


  1. The most important part!! Craft the message template to your customers. 
  2. Remember to pull in the 'drag and drop' magic fields where relevant for added personalisation.
  3. Choose your handwriting style. Our writers are grouped into 3 categories so you can choose the look and feel that best fits your brand.

Top tips: get a change of scenery, put pen to paper yourself to come up with the messaging before typing it into the message box (it’s been scientifically proven to help compose thoughts and ideas!)

Top tips: If you struggle to get out of that formal funk and want to speak more like an actual human being, simply imagine you are writing to a good friend.

You're all done! Just pop in your payment details and we will do the rest. How easy was that!

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