One-off Campaigns
One-off campaigns are a way to send out mailings with one drop date. Whether you’re sending a batch of messages for a trial or a one-time-only event, you can simply upload your CSV of recipients and send them all in one go. We usually recommend starting with a one-off campaign if you’re testing Inkpact’s services for the first time. 

Recurring Campaigns
Send as little as one message one week and hundreds the week after. With our recurring campaigns, you have access to our handy integrations with Salesforce or Zapier. This means you could automatically drip feed customers a meaningful note anywhere along the user journey. With recurring campaigns, you also have exclusive access to our API which will plug straight into your CRM system for automated, continuous connection building with a difference! Recurring mailings can have set template message (which can be easily personalised with first name, company name or any segment you choose) and can be sent out continuously to different customers however often you need.  

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