Credits are units of payment used to send messages. They come in bundles and can be used both for one-off and recurring campaigns, and can save you anywhere between 5-20% vs the price of individual card payments. 

If you take £1 and multiply it by 10, that’s how our credits are worked out. To put this in Inkpact terms for our different message options, see below: 

1 x A6 handwritten, signed, sealed & delivered = £5.50 / 55 credits 

1 x A5 handwritten, signed, sealed & delivered = £6.50 / 65 credits 

1 x A4 handwritten, signed, sealed & delivered = £8.50 / 85 credits  

You can buy credits as and when you need and top up your account when they run out. By paying in credits, you can run a variety of campaigns that might use different stationery sizes, and any excess credits will roll over to the next month (handy). 

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